CSEN 1083 Data Mining

Course Updates

Expired Announcements

CSEN1083: Data Mining Quiz (1)

Quiz (1) will be held on Sunday, February 17 in the lecture (Hall H14) at 11:45am. The quiz will include Lecture 1.pdf, Lecture 2.pdf and Lecture 3.pdf in addition to Problem Sets 1 and 2

CSEN1083 - Data Mining: Assignment 1

Assignment 1 has been posted. The deadline is February 28 at mid-night.

CSEN 1083: Quiz 2

Data Mining Quiz 2 will be held next Sunday, April 7 in the lecture at 11:45am. The quiz will include the files Lecture 7.pdf and Lecture 8.pdf in addition to Problem Set 4.

CSEN1083: Quiz 3

Quiz 3 will be held next Monday, April 22 in the lecture. It will include Lecture 9.pdf and Lecture 10.pdf in addition to Problem Set 5 (without the decision tree problem).

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.