Clothing & Etiquette

To start with Ju-Jutsu, all you need is cotton sweat pants and a T-shirt. However, if you plan to practice seriously, a light Judo-Gi or a heavy Karate-Gi ("Gi" is the name of a combination of trousers, open jacket, and belt, usually made of cotton canvas in the style of Japanese pre-modern street clothes) with strong seams is recommended (preferably in white). Men should wear a groin guard and women should always wear a T-shirt under the jacket of the Gi. Of course, jewelery, buckles, needles and pins, or other clothing implements that could injure the practitioner or his/her partner are to be strictly avoided. Shoes are unnecessary.

The etiquette is reduced to a minimum in comparison to more traditional martial arts. Most importantly: be respectful. To everybody. Do not judge or dismiss your fellow practitioner on any grounds.

Part of being respectful is to try your best to be punctual. Punctual means that you are actually ready at the start of the class, so be early to have time to dress. Another part is to be clean, with a reasonable level of personal hygene, since practice requires you to get close to each other.

All other etiquette, such as the bowing or greeting, is simple if the spirit is to be respectful but hard to keep track of if the general attitude is marked by carelessnes towards the fellow practitioners. So make it easy for yourself and focus on the essential. Form will never be placed over intent.