3rd CHR Summer School 2013

Programming and Reasoning with Rules and Constraints

8th-12th of July, 2013 — Berlin, Germany


With its 3.5 million residents, Berlin -the German capital- is considered to be Germany's largest city. The rich history that shaped Berlin has left its traces over the city. The diversity of the city can be seen in its 6 different districts (Mitte, City West, East Central, North, East and South). Although the city had symbolized Germany's division, it has developed into a modern city with dynamic economy and lifestyle that demonstrates the endurance and enthusiasm of this city.

Berlin has been the capital of Germany through different historical eras. For example, in 1701, Monarch Frederik III has become king Frederik I of Prussia and Berlin was the capital of this new kingdom. Berlin was also the capital of the German Empire founded in 1871. In addition, East Berlin was the capital of the German Democratic Republic. Since 1990, after Germany was reunited, the parliament decided that the government and the parliament are to be moved back to Berlin making Berlin once more the capital of Germany.

No matter what your interests are, Berlin would be an exciting place for you to visit. It has 175 museums, operas, concerts, and musical performances for admirers of culture and art. With the notorious “Berlin Film Festival”, Berlin is attractive for cinema and films lovers where they can also learn about the history of German film making, German television and the history of the wellknown Babelsberg Film Studios through Berlin's “Museum für Film und Fernsehen” and “Film Museum Potsdam”. Sports fans also enjoy their time in Berlin with the wide range of available sports and sports facilities.

Berlin's good transportation system makes it easy for its visitors to see its most famous attractions which are spread over the city. Such sights include the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Island Museum, and the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall built in 1961 When the wall fell in 1989, people celebrated at the reopened Brandenburger Gate. The nearby Zoo and Aquarium also provide a happy distraction.

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