CSEN 1104

4 lecture hours

4  ECTS credits

Advanced Topics in IT Security


  • This course will be offered jointly with Ulm University. It will be taught by Prof. Frank Kargl, the head of the Institute of Distributed Systems at Ulm University, who will teach 60% of the course, and Dr. Amr El Mougy, Dr. Tallal El Shabrawy (IET), and Dr. Amr Talaat (IET), who will share the teaching of the remaining 40%. The course will be given as a condensed block course starting April until approximately mid June. The course will cover advanced research topics in IT security. Topics will include security of machine learning, privacy-preserving machine learning, security of automated driving, usable security, digital contracts, trusted execution environments, zero-knowledge proofs, and hardware security. In case any topic requires knowledge of certain fundamentals, these fundamentals will be covered in class. The course will have a team project and a final exam. Teaching will consist of online pre-recorded lectures in addition to interactive live sessions via video conferencing.

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