DMET 704

2 lecture hours
2 exercise hours

4  ECTS credits

Multimedia & Networking


  •  The course serves as a specialized, more in depth course for engineering students who are expected to develop a career in multimedia processing and Networking. The course provides the link between the two fields of multimedia, processing, representation, storage and applications on one hand and the field of networking, IP, ATM, wired and Wireless networks.

    The course investigates the different types of multimedia elements, how to represent them efficiently, how to code and compress such elements and the main storage principles for multimedia. After understanding the requirements for the multimedia different systems comes the role of offering a compatible medium (Network) to carry such media. Different Networking structures are studied and the limitations of each are cited to be able to develop a relationship between the different media applications and the compatible networking technique.

    After developing such understanding of the multimedia elements and the network to deliver them, several multimedia applications are considered, such as VoIP, Video on Demand, Steaming, etc.