CSEN 301 Data Structures and Algorithms


Quiz 3

Dear Students, Please note that Quiz 3 will take place next Tuesday the 11th of August at 2:00 pm. The quiz duration is 30 min. The quiz will be taken online through the assessment platform. You will find your assessment schedule on the student portal. The quiz will cover LinkList I, LinkList II, and Trees I. Please note that there will be no lecture on this day. Best Regards,

Home Assignment 3

Dear Students, Please note that Home Assignment 3 will be posted next Saturday the 8th of August. It will be posted on the MET website. The deadline will be Friday the 14th of August at 11.59 pm. You need to use the online submission tool in the admin system to upload your assignment. Please make sure to submit a .zip file containing your answers. Best Regards,

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