CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


chat session for Wed July 29th


Extending Project + Assignment

Have been extended to August 19th, 11:55PM.

Piazza group

http://piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/summer2020/csen909 Post questions related to assignment, project, lectures and quizzes there.

Quiz 3

Quiz 3 will be held on Wednesday August 12th, 3:00-3:30 Quiz 3 consists of 7 MCQ questions; all focused on experiment design which is the content of lectures 8 and 9: https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/vod/viewer.aspx?id=928145 https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/vod/viewer.aspx?id=928144 https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/vod/viewer.aspx?id=928140 https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/vod/viewer.aspx?id=928141 Note: marks for quiz 1 and 2 will be posted tomorrow on intranet.

Chat session today


Week 4 chat sessions...

Tuesday 2-3: https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/streaming_questions/chat.aspx?scr_id=5852 Tuesday 3-4: https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/streaming_questions/chat.aspx?scr_id=5853 Wednesday 2-3: https://apps.guc.edu.eg/student_ext/streaming_questions/chat.aspx?scr_id=5854

Final exam...

We will be having a final exam on Tuesday August 18th in H19 from 1:30-4:30 As in previous offerings of the course, the exam will be open book. You will be allowed to bring printed lecture slides but no course practice assignments and no previous exams/midterms.

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