CSEN 605 Digital System Design


Project Submission Guidelines

-The video: A 5 to 10 min video in English that clearly shows the project with all the test cases and how does it work. All team members should appear and introduce themselves (The names and IDs can be subtitles instead of spoken) and the contribution of each member should be clear -Report: PDF format and it outlines the idea, the set of sensors and parts you used, the implementation (codes, circuits, pin assignment) and the results. -Project: All codes written and the project files should be included 1) zip the WHOLE project folder and NOT the code only (ALL codes written and ALL project files should be included) 2) zip both the zipped file from step 1 and the report together 3) rename the folder with the team number followed by the representative ID (Ex: 00_46-1234.zip) 4) Upload the video 5) fill in the form Form Link: https://forms.gle/WQPvtnwPhGovqLMw6

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