CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


Jan 14th deliverables...

To confirm the deliverables, for January 14th, here is the list: M5: Heuristic Analysis Report M7: Vision and Color Report M8: Perceptual Psychology Report, Cognitive Psychology Report Motor Psychology Report M9: Design Version 3.0 Prototype + video Make sure to do M9 after M8 because you are going to change your interface based on your finding in M8. Note: M5 will be one on design version 1.0 (regardless of whether you are going to resubmit on Jan 2nd or not).

Milestone 4 extension

by one day to Dec 13th, 11:50PM.

Milestone 2 extension + clarification

M2 Extended to Nov. 16th, 11:50PM. Regarding video, this should document your actual user doing his/her work as it is currently done (without your system). Ask the user to talk aloud explaining what he/she is doing and which decisions/choices he contemplate while working. Note that you are going to use this video later on to identify major functionality you need to support or enhance in your system. The recording can be of any length - the longer the better.

HCI assignment team

For the HCI assignment, it was mentioned that you should do the assignment in the team you are doing the project to avoid having you go through the process of forming another team. However, if you prefer to make a different team, that is fine. Just make sure to include a teams file in the submission stating your names and ids.

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