CSEN 703 Analysis and Design of Algorithms


Quiz 3

Due to the extension of midterms by 1 day, the quizzes schedule has to be modified to ensure that both lectures are taking the quiz at the same week and you have taken the required tutorials. Your quiz 3 which was scheduled on the 7th lecture will be moved to the 9th lecture (i.e. It will be on 12th and 13th of November lectures). The quiz will be on asymptotic analysis.

A1 due date

moved to Nov. 3rd 11:55PM.

Assignment 1 tips


A2 deadline extended

to December 15th.

Subsitute quiz

To those who were absent on a quiz and I have given permission to take a substitute quiz instead. Come after the Analysis final to the TA office to take that.

A2 design question tips + deadline

Regarding the two design problems: the problem statements have been made quite concise with no constraints to enable you to come up with the solution! For example, I did not specify how your algorithm will perform in relation to known ones. So, in sorting, you can do it in worse n log n. Also, I did not specify how your algorithm will be invoked. For example, in sorting again you can load all the data first then do the sorting later on and you do not have to sort the whole data, it might just sort portions of the data that the client code will request access to etc.. For balancing a binary search tree, a randomized approach should involve rolling a dice among a set of balancing options and balancing the part that comes out and consequently analyzing the effect of that. That's just one approach. We will accept submissions of the assignment from Dec 15th 11:50PM to Dec 22nd 11:50PM!

Assignment 1 deadlines

Based on the Facebook poll result that ended last night at 8PM, I am postponing the due date to Nov. 2nd., 11PM.

Midterm details...

3 questions: each has 2 unrelated problems. 1. Divide and conquer design (20/60), 1. Greedy Design (20/60), Dynamic Programming Design (20/60)

Wed Nov. 6th lecture...

moved from H4 to H15 (only for tomorrow).

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