CSEN 403 Concepts of Programming languages


Assessment Part 1

1- The assessment will contain 2 questions one Prolog and one Haskell 2- We do not advise that you use SWI Prolog and WinHugs although you are allowed to. You have 15 minutes to solve both questions so we believe that writing and testing your code will consume your time. 3- Treat the assessment as a written quiz. We will treat it the same way. This means that we mark the logic and the steps and not only the compilation and the test cases. Whatever you write will be graded. Don't worry about having to perfect the solution to pass. 4- The Prolog question is a predicate that you have to write. 5- The Haskell question is a function that you will need to change/rewrite. 6- Thus, in your place, we would give more time to the Prolog question. We would suggest 9 minutes to Prolog and 5 to Haskell. 7- The questions are doable within the 15 minutes and remember this is only a pass/fail assessment. 8- Please take it easy and do not stress. Treat the assessment lightly.

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