CSEN 604 Data Bases II


Project Extension

I got several requests to extend the projects. Consequently, I am extending it again to April 20th, 11:50PM.

Assessment 1

Assessment 1 is MCQ. Each student will be given 6 questions, randomly selected from a pool of MCQ questions I have put. The duration of the assessment is 15 minutes. You will need a calculator. I have uploaded to MET website previous exams and their solutions. While previous exams were not MCQ, the MCQ question styles are not much different except that each MCQ asks for 1 answer. So, if you practice on problems based on lectures 7,8 , and 9, in previous exams, you should be able to do well tomorrow ISA.

Project deadline

Extended to April 6th, 11:50PM.

Comparing polygons

one issue that arises from using java.awt.Polygon is that it does not implement the comparable interface, which will hinder your effort to sort a column of type Polygon. To solve this problem, define your own class that will internally retrieve the points from the passed Polygon. In that class, you can implement the interface comparable and consequently, you will need to add the method compareTo. To compare polygons, you can use the bounding box to get the enclosing rectangle and use the area of the rectangle, as follows: Dimension dim = poly1.getBounds( ).getSize( ); nThisArea = dim.width * dim.height;

Quiz 1

Will be held on Tuesday, March 03, 2020, from 4-5 in exam halls. Topics included are those covered in lectures 1 and 2.

Project 1 extension

Due to current circumstances, I am extending the project further to April 12th, 11:50PM.

Project 1 submission

Milestone 2 submission moved to March 31.

Project 1 doc updated

to fix a typo. Please, re-download.

Team member eval form

If you have a team member not working on the project, fill the form available on MET and submit it to your TA. We will be conducting individual evaluations for such cases and those not contributing will not bet the team mark.


Assessment 1 will cover lectures 7, 8 and 9. Assessment 2 will cover lectures 10, 11 and 12. Material before midterm not included.

Project 2 extended

to May 15th, 11:50PM.

Mini Project II

Please, redownload mini project II folder as I have fixed few typos related to schema 5.

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