CSEN 402 Computer Organization and System Programming

Course Information


  • This course is designed to introduce the students to the different components of a computer system and the way they function and interact with each others. Upon the completion of the course, students will no longer consider the computer as a black box. Instead, they will understand the role played by each major component of the computer system, how software runs on a processor and how to write an efficient program in assembly language.


    • Register Transfer and Microoperations.
    • Basic Computer Organization and Design.
    • Programming the Basic Computer.
    • Microprogrammed Control.
    • Central Processing Unit.
    • I/O and Memory Organization.


    • Describing a sequence of RTL micro-operations using a unified notation
    • Understanding the basic common bus system
    • Deriving the hardware required to build the control unit
    • Using Assembly language to program the basic computer
    • Recognizing the various organizations of a computer system
    • Surveying various algorithms for cache update



  • Computer System Architecture, Third Edition, M. Morris Mano.