DMET 1010 Seminar on Hypertext

Course Information


  • Due to the huge success of the Web, “hypermedia has become the dominant paradigm for structuring and organizing digital information and material.”*

    This seminar aims at extending the knowledge about hypertext beyond what we commonly know of the WWW. We will focus on different structure domains, such as node-link structures (as the Web is based on), spatial hypertext (i.e., associating via visual cues), taxonomic structures (i.e., classifications), argumentation supporting structures (e.g., for collaborative decision making processes), or hypertext fiction (i.e., fiction represented as hypertexts). The use of hypertext in collaborative environments will be also within our interests.

    Furthermore, we discuss specific requirements for hypertext systems and the historical evolution of hypertext paradigms and systems. By the end of this seminar the students should be able to understand, identify, and apply appropriate hypertext paradigms to upcoming projects.

    *Quote from an interview with Kaj Grønbæk, Aarhus University, Denmark, 11/2009.