CSEN 1075 Seminar on Affective Computing

Course Information


  • The growing field of Affective Computing (AC) enables self-awareness, as well as aspiring to build adaptive and responsive systems to the emotional state by developing systems that track, classify and respond to the current affective state (i.e. mood, emotions, cognitive state) of the user. AC is multidisciplinary field covering multiple strands of research field including psychology and engineering. Recently, it has been utilized in different domains in HCI e.g. gaming, interactive systems, adaptive systems, education, user interfaces, human-robot-interaction, and learning technologies. Researchers envision utilizing affective computing will increase our self-awareness and help building up more emotional aware systems. In this seminar students, will explore the latest research trends in affective computing and interactive systems. Topics will include: 1. Emotion theory 2. Emotion expression 3. Emotion measurement a. Contact sensors b. Contactless sensors 4. Artificial emotions 5. Ethics and affective computing 6. Affective Computing Domains a. Human Computer Interaction b. Human Robot Interaction c. Human Human Interaction