DMET 602 Media and Network lab

Course Information


  • The Network and Media lab is intended to help students learn to extract the theories taught in regular courses and apply it to real situations. In addition, new concepts are introduced through hands on experience. Students will be able to construct and configure IP networks, analyze, control and shape network traffic, and be exposed to different application-level protocols that introduce them to exciting applications like video streaming, multicasting, mobile IP.


  • The course consists of 8 experiments + 2 pre-experiments. The experiments cover many network protocols that span from network layer to application layer.

    • Pre-experiment 1:  Configuring IP network
    • Pre-experiment 2: Packet sniffers for network analysis
    • Experiment 1: Transmission Parameters
    • Experiment 2: Low-level protocols / Broadcast protocols
    • Experiment 3: High-level protocols / Dialog based protocols
    • Experiment 4: Video Conference systems
    • Experiment 5: Video Streaming
    • Experiment 6: QoS and Traffic engineering
    • Experiment 7: Mobile-IP
    • Experiment 8: Network simulator: NS-2


  •  By the end of this course, students will be able to:

    • Acquire practical understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of computer networks and network protocols
    • Acquire understanding of the different network components, how they interact together to provide different application services
    • Be familiar with different applications (video streaming, multicasting, mobile-IP)