CSEN 703 Analysis and Design of Algorithms

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A1 updated

Re-download from Materials section or cms.

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Assignment 1-C Submission Form

Please use the form below to submit part c of your assignment. Make sure to add a shareable link to the assignment link field. Good luck! Link: https://forms.gle/rewfofkXRwLGZTNe6

Part A deadline...

I got several requests to postpone part A deadline since it is one day after deliverables from other courses. Part A deadline is moved to Nov. 17th, 11:50PM.

1-D Submission Form

Link to form below. Make sure to add a shareable url of your assignment in the assignment link field. Link: https://forms.gle/28vShfVX6FptxSqz7

Midterm details...

Divide and Conquer 20/70, Greedy 20/70, DP 20/70, Asymptotic Analysis 10/70. In DP, you can use bottom up or top down. In Greedy question, you can provide English description. In other questions, you can either use pseudo code or code.

Part C further extension

Part C of assignment 1 extended to Nov. 28th, 11:50PM.

A1-Part D extension

extended to Dec 10th, 11:50PM.

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Midterm coverage

Midterm includes all lectures you have taken a tutorial on (lectures 1 to 6).

A1-Part C extension

extended to Nov. 26th, 11:50PM.

Assignment 2 Submission Form

Please find the link to the form below. Please make sure your assignment link is shareable! Good luck! Link: https://forms.gle/3n7k7GimmDZyBTHb7

Exam details...

Exam has 8 questions. Q1.Greedy Algorithm Design 15/120, Q2.Dynamic Programming Design 15/120, Q3.Asymptotic Analysis 10/120, Q4.Summations and Recurrences 20/120, Q5.Web Page Ranking 15/120, Q6.Lower Bounds on Algorithms 15/120, Q7.Randomized Analysis 10/120, and Q8.Amortized Analysis 20/120. Calculator allowed + One Double-sided Aid Sheet (A4/Standard size).

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.