Frequently Asked Questions

Every term, different courses are offered by the J-TAP where the students get the opportunity to assist in the lab sessions. (Check the J-TAP link for the current semester for the courses offered).

Any student who took a course offered in the J-TAP in a previous term is allowed to apply for the J-TAP.

All students who applied for J-TAP (candidates) should send their personal information to the J-TAP coordinator:

  1. Full name
  2. Term and major
  3. Application number
  4. Working E-Mail address
  5. Mobile phone number
  6. A list of the courses they wish to "teach"

The applications are then processed by the coordinator and the students are selected according to several criteria:

  • Overall GPA
  • GPA in the courses they applied for
  • Overall attitude and behavior
  • Special circumstances or outstanding honors

After the first filtration, the candidates are asked to hand in their preferences for the specific slots available in the course. A second selection process is performed and the final JTAs are chosen.

Finally, a meeting is held with the JTAs, where the get introduced to the standards and requirements of the J-TAP and a written agreement is signed.

The agreement states the duties and the rights of the JTA and serves a legal contract between the GUC and the JTA. Should there be any violation of the agreement from the student's side, the Faculty of MET as well as the GUC will take adequate corrective measures.

At the end, the course coordinators assess their junior assistants through a written evaluation based on which the JTAs are either honored and awarded or not.

If you believe you have the right qualifications, please fill in the online application form and we will keep you tuned to the updates.