Created By: Mariam Abed @ March 2010

In most of the applications, after creating the data, you want to save them to, probably, a Relational Database. The process of creating this data was about dealing with methods, Classes and Objects, while the step of saving it to the Database, is about dealing with tables, relations, columns and records. This switch between the two paradigms is tiring and time consuming.

Hibernate simplifies this process by simply mapping your Relational Database to Objects and Classes, and allowing you to communicate with your database in an Object-Oriented approach.

This tutorial is just a start up tutorial, that aims at getting many concepts clearer and simplifying the creation of the first Hibernate application. You are assumed to have a good knowledge of Databases, Java and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Through out the tutorial, you will be provided with external links to more professional tutorials for your further readings.

  • An About Section: which is considered an introduction to Hibernate
  • Files and Classes section: that gives an overview of types of files and Classes that are used in a Hibernate application.
  • A Simple Example: in this section you will learn how to insert a record in the DB using Hibernate.
  • Advanced Example: which is an extension to the example created at the previous section. The example in this section is covering
    • Simple Add / Edit / Delete
    • Simple Selects
    • Many-to-One Relation
    • One-to-Many Relation
    • Many-to-Many Relation

You can download a pdf and the need resources for this tutorial from here.