Created By: Hussein K. Amanallah & Ahmed Al-Ariki

Have you ever looked deeply at your word processor output files? Most probably you never did, because if you did you would have started learning LaTeX a long time ago. Have you ever said to yourself, why can't people just make their own templates in word instead of having each time to copy and paste the templates and then try to fix their margins again and then another thing gets messed up and another and another...?

This is why these tutorials are important, in order to help you learn about a new, easy, decent and yet efficient "scripting language" and to be able to achieve both organized and well documented material.

  1. Introduction to LaTeX: This tutorial will take you through your first adventure with LaTeX. It will tell you about LaTeX itself and help you find out whether you really need it or not. Furthermore it will guide you to get LaTeX up and running on your PC and the steps for installing and configuring an editor(optional).
  2. My First LaTeX Document: In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of LaTeX documents, how to start your first document and some code samples with their specifications that will help you identify what you might need to do in your document for example: bullets, lists, font faces, titles,...etc.
  3. The LaTeX Beamer Class: This tutorial will take you a little bit into interesting things that you can do with LaTeX, which is presentation slides. You will discover the main guidelines that you will need to make your first presentation using LaTeX; it will also include some tips and code samples with their specifications.
  4. Typesetting Mathematics in LaTeX: This tutorial will provide a starter's guide (which could be enough for non-mathematicians) in typesetting mathematics, showing you the real power and simplicity of LaTeX. Provided with the tutorial are a couple of examples for the most commonly used mathematical contexts.
  5. Bibliographies and Citation: There is definitely no research and scientific documentation without citation. That's why this tutorial comes very early in the series, to show you how to easily, neatly and conveniently cite and refer to others' work.
  6. Automata in LaTeX: This Tutorial will bring you the comfort and satisfaction of drawing automata with minimal effiort. It will take you through the simple and basic commands in the LaTeX automata package.