The utilization of augmented and tangible interaction techniques in undergraduate education to enhance student learning experience.

Research Topics & Projects

Instant Feedback in Lecture Setting

The system provides GUC students with a mechanism to provide a non-intrusive feedback to the instructor about their level of understanding via a cell phone app which connects to the instructor cell phone. The student application presents the student with a slider which the student move to left or right reflecting his level of understanding of the material. The student app also enables sending questions to the instructor. The instructor application provides a graph showing the level of understanding of all students. In addition it provides a list of student questions.

Using RDIF in Textbooks

The system involves embedding RFID tags in textbooks used by students in GUC courses. RFIDs are small electromagnetic tags with small amount of memory. These tags can be read and written by smart cell phones. Placing the tags in known pages, these tags can be used to connect students reading the same page. Students can then interchange questions and comments about the content.

OfficeHour Planning

The goal of this project is to create a system for use by teaching assistants and professors in MET. The system will consist of a RFID placed on the office of each academic and storing her schedule. When a student drops by an office and the office resident is not accessible, the student using a cell phone app will book an appointment according the academic free slots.