Videos are temporal sequence of images. An important feature of digital videos is that they are multidimensional signals, i.e. they are functions of more than a single variable. Images are functions of two, and perhaps three space dimensions in case of colored images, whereas a digital video as a function includes a third (or fourth) time dimension as well. A consequence of this is that digital video processing is quite data intensive, meaning that significant computational and storage resources are required. On the other hand, video processing serves a wide spectrum of applications.

Research Topics & Projects

Comparative Study of Super Resolution Techniques for License Plate Recognition

This project aims at exploring the state of the art approaches of video super resolution for license plate recognition. Performing super resolution enhancement on automobile video streams is believed to improve the accuracy of license plate recognition and allow reducing the expenses of the optical set by eliminating the need for expensive lenses that are used to increase the resolution of the plate from distance camera.