2nd CHR Summer School 2011

Programming and Reasoning with Rules and Constraints

5th-9th of September, 2011 — Cairo, Egypt


After its success last year in Belgium and to celebrate the 20th birthday of CHR, the Second CHR Summer School will take place this year in Cairo, Egypt. The aim of the summer school is to introduce rule-based and constraint-based high-level declarative programming, and to provide insights based on these concepts for the analysis of programs. Constraint-based programming languages enjoy elegant theoretical properties, conceptual simplicity, and practical success. The courses offered are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics of varying difficulty from theory to practice.

The first set of courses will cover Constraint Programming (CP); which makes it possible to model and specify problems with uncertain, incomplete information and to solve combinatorial problems, as they are abundant in industry and commerce, such as scheduling, planning, transportation, resource allocation, layout, design, and analysis. The second set of courses deal with the advanced high-level rule-based formalism and programming language Constraint Handling Rules (CHR); presenting it as a versatile theoretical formalism based on logic and an efficient practical high-level programming language based on rules and constraints. On the last day, the summer school is concluded by the 8th CHR Workshop.

Intended Audience

The summer school is intended for researchers from all around the world who wish to learn about CP and CHR. It is aimed at PhD students, post-docs, researchers, Master students, and interested parties from industry. The only prerequisites are a working knowledge of English and basic knowledge of logic and Prolog (typically covered in undergraduate classes).

Lecturers and Courses

A final evaluation for each course is possible through a final exam or project as determined by the instructor. The daily schedule admits laboratory, recitation or working group activities to be organized in addition to lectures.

Lecture abstracts and a schedule can be found under Courses.


The summer school will be hosted in the German University in Cairo. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and built on both sides of the River Nile. Cairo is a historical city and a thriving metropolis. It is also the industrial and commercial heart of this gateway country which lies at the junction of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

After the revolution, life has gradually come back to normal in the Egyptian streets. The country is celebrating the new era of democracy, with increasing levels of freedom, stability and security. The country now has a mystical past, a youthful present and a promising future; all adding up to its charm and thrill. More information about Cairo can be found on the Location page.

Summer School From the 5th to the 8th of September
Workshop8th of September - afternoon
Excursion9th of September
The detailed program can be found here